The Why?

Population growth and rapid urbanization is accelerating demand for products and infrastructure in Africa – a continent of 54 countries, significant developmental challenges, numerous local languages, vast distances and inconsistent political/legal systems. As Africans, we focus on the needs of people who shape, operate and maintain Africa.

The How?

We facilitate the sale and integration of technology brands in digitalized workflow solutions that address make/build challenges. We do this because we believe that the accelerated use of digitalized world-class workflow solutions drives vendor, partner, customer, and continental growth.

For Who

For our vendors our work simplifies access to African markets. We create growth and profit for our vendors by establishing and managing a network of specialized partners who focus on challenges in the Build, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Process, Energy & Mining segments across Africa.

For our reseller partners we provide access to great brands, the best possible prices, easy systems, helpful people – and growth.

For African firms who make and build on the continent our reseller partners facilitate integrated technology innovations that are tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals and provide unparalleled speed and productivity gains. Solutions comprises ‘fit for purpose’, Autodesk, ESRI, ClearEdge3D, and/or Topcon hardware and software applications, and are underpinned by platforms that enable effective collaboration and data sharing across project life cycles.

We thank every employee, partner, vendor and customer who allows us to work with them in pursuit of a better Africa for all.